For Him

1. Ease Snoring
Take a small sip of extra virgin olive oil before heading to bed. It will help lubricate your throat muscles and stop you, or your partner, from snoring.

2. Shaving Cream Replacement
Olive oil can provide a safe and natural lubricant for a close shave. Olive oil protects your skin from nicks and cuts.

3. Protect Razor from Rusting:
Dip the razor blade into olive oil. The oil lubricates the blade and prevents it from rusting.

4. After Shave:
Rub in a teaspoon of Olive Oil after washing your face once finished for added moisturizing. You can add a drop of your favorite essential oil for additional fragrance.

5. Shoe Polish:
Just a spray of olive oil and a quick rub down can help maintain your shoeshine.

6. Ease Stuck Zippers:
If your zipper is stuck, run a cotton swab soaked in Olive Oil along the metal teeth. It can help ease the movement of the zipper.