For Home

1. Paint cleanup
When your hands or hair is covered in paint, sap or any other sticky substance that’s hard to remove, try scrubbing them with olive oil and a little salt or sugar. The paint should come off leaving your skin soft and exfoliated.

2. Furniture Polish
Olive oil helps remove dust from furniture and gives it a shine. Add a teaspoon to a quarter cup of lemon juice, and you’ve got a non-toxic, child friendly, petroleum-free polish that also gently cleans wood surfaces.

3. Hinge lubricant
Wipe the hinge with an olive oil soaked cotton ball or use a spray bottle to lubricate the hinge and eliminate creaking noises!

4. Stainless steel shine
Wipe off any debris and allow the surfaces to dry completely, and then pour a little oil onto a clean, soft cloth. Buff in circular motions with firm pressure.

5. Sticker remover
Dab olive oil onto a sticker or label; let it sit for a few minutes and the sticker will peel off. No scraping needed, no annoying residue left behind.

6. Chewing gum remover
Apply olive oil to the gum and the surrounding hair, leave it on for 10minutes and then pull the gum out carefully.