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Son Naava Harvest 1800031.jpg
Our olive plants were specially selected from the very best Arbequina variety. With its earthy aromatic flavor it is one of the most delicious grown today.

We choose to only plant Arbequina trees as they flourish in Mallorca's dry hot summers and alkaline soils.  Son Naava's soil is rich in calcium and has a low PH level which further aids in the production of a very special extra virgin olive oil.  The grove consists of 3,000 trees that can produce up to 12,000 liters of olive oil annually.  

To view images of our grove and processing, click here

We are entrepreneurs turned global nomads with a passion for health and purity. 

We are pedantic perfectionists that strive for the best in terms of quality and detail.  As a husband/wife team we have traveled and lived around the world, as well as having run a successful natural skin and haircare company for 30 years. 


When we fell in love with Mallorca and bought Son Naava in 2010 there were only a few young olive trees on the property. 
We realized we had an opportunity to merge our entrepreneurial spirit with our obsession for health and olive oil.  With Son Naava we wanted to package not only health and purity, but great taste into a bottle.   

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