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Demeter biodynamic farming is a holistic approach to agriculture.  Biodynamic farming methods ensure the soil is nourished naturally, and the farmers return more to the soil than they remove in the process of cultivating crops.  The trees are planted on non-pesticide contaminated soil, and we ensure that no chemicals have been used while tending, nurturing and processing the olives.   


The Demeter Association inspects our grove twice a year making sure that all of the stringent rules are met. The trademark 'Demeter' is only awarded to products that go through a set, certified biodynamic production.

Learn more about Demeter requirements here

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The olives are harvested in October ensuring that the olive oil we produce keeps its strong delicious notes of green and we avoid the risk of being affected by the white flies prevalent this time of year causing havoc to quality and tree yield.  

Speed is of the essence.  As soon as olives have been harvested they should be processed to protect the flavor and aroma.  



We use a machine to pick our olives.  What the machines really do is shake the trunk so that the fruit falls from the branches and catches the olives in an umbrella shaped netting.  It's a more efficient method, less damage to the olives with a lot less waste and speed to press.  

Tears in their skin can cause ruptures in the membranes surrounding the lipo vacuoles, hence oil droplets stored inside come into contact with hydrolytic enzymes.  Time becomes a critical factor: the olives should be rapidly processed, so as to avoid a qualitative decay of the oil determined by the increase in its acidity.

Harvesting with our umbrella self-propelled harvester allows us to gather the fruit at perfect ripeness.  This method aims to minimize any damage to the fruit never letting the olives touch the ground, and by turning the olives into extra virgin oil as quickly as possible. Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Balearics


The olives are always pressed within hours of harvesting to keep the acid level extremely low.  The lower the acid level, the more refined, fresh and pure the olive oil is.  Once the oil has been released, the Demeter and Oil of Mallorca Ecological Organizations analyze it before it gets bottled. 

Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Scandinavia

What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?


Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is the purest form of olive oil on the market.

It has been rated by the International Olive Oil Council as having superior taste and a high oleic acid composition.  Achieving the rating, the oil must have been extracted by mechanical means without the use of excessive heat, and without any form of solvents or additives and its acidity level has to be below 0.8%.  


Is all olive oil the same?  

Definitely not.  Low-quality olive oils may be blended with other oils which can affect the taste and health benefits.  Other elements that impact taste and composition include the selected varietals and processing measures used to create the oil.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is the purest classification of olive oil and is rated to have superior characteristics and taste.  Other forms include "Light" olive oil and pomace olive oil. 


Should I look for "first cold pressed" oil? 

Cold pressed oil is becoming an antiquated term since it refers to a process rarely used today.  Most of the world's olive oil today is extracted using high-speed centrifuges, eliminating the need for traditional olive press.


Is there a difference in quality between mat pressing and centrifugal processing? 

Centrifuge processing does not negatively impact the quality of olive oil.  On the contrary, it is a more efficient means of processing, yielding fresh oil with a lower risk of contamination.  Centrifuges also allow the oil to be exposed to less oxygen, preserving its natural antioxidants. 


What is the benefit of monounsaturated fats? 

Monounsaturated fats are considered "healthy" fat largely because they are more resistant to oxidation.  The source of monounsaturated fats in extra virgin olive oil is oleic acid which occurs naturally in the oil.


What is the benefit of extracting oil soon after harvesting the olives?

Ideally olives should be processed within 24 hours of harvesting.  This protects the flavor and aroma.  Olive oil can have a musty taste and aroma if processing is delayed.


Does the color of the bottle make a difference?

Yes.  Light is harmful to olive oil (never keep it on a windowsill) and a dark opaque bottle helps protect the during storage. Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Germany

How do I choose the right Extra Virgin Olive Oil? 

Think of olive oil as a wine - much of the difference is a matter of personal taste.  Since not all olive oils vary widely, it's important to know what you like and how you're likely to use it.  Olive oils have different and distinctive flavors - early harvest oils can be very intense and pungent while late harvest oils tend to be milder and fruitier.  Consider your needs and personal preference and sample different oils when you have the opportunity. You can easily buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Spain from us.  

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